3 more ways you can add to your self-care routine

January 16, 2017

Self care is incredibly important for your mental health and physical health. You’ll be surprised how many people neglect their health on a daily basis because their either too busy or too tired. Not everyone may have a mental illness, but everyone does have a mental health, just like physical health.


Although the mental health stigma has reduced there is still a long way to go, and adequate care is sometimes difficult to get, despite having a National Health Service. Sometimes there are ridiculous waiting lists and only a few sessions available, and although there are a case load of psychotherapists and psychoanalysts, they don’t come cheap. 


Many private psychotherapists set their prices from £40 to £50 an hour, and not everyone can afford it. Since I’m a trainee psychotherapist and student, I’m lucky enough to be charged £35 for my sessions every Monday. 


But for those who cannot afford a private psychotherapist or cannot stand the wait for a therapist on the NHS, what can they do? 



1. Listen to your body 


Our bodies has its on way of communicating how we feel — rapid heat beats, shallow breathing, tense muscles in your back or neck and more are all signs that something deeper is going on. These bodily reactions are indeed a good thing, because it notify’s us and tells us that something needs to be done or released. 


2. Get enough sleep 


Did you know that lack of sleep can trigger psychosis? According to Psychologist, Matthew Walker of the University of California, Berkeley, ‘ lack of sleep can cause psychological disturbances’. 

Don’t take sleeping for granted because it can also impair your judgement and cause you to develop false memories. So get those hours in! 


3. Be mindful of what you absorb on a daily basis 


It’s important that you monitor what you allow into your mind, because it can either uplift you or be detrimental to you. Your mind is fragile place and also sacred, so be mindful of what and who you allow into your atmosphere. 



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