New Year, New Opportunities

December 31, 2016

As 2016 is drawing a close, I wanted to write a little something to mark the end of the year. I, like many have incredibly mixed thoughts about New Years Celebrations, both loving and hating it at the same time, there is no in between (Serious black and white thinking sorry). For me this year has been such a mixed bag for me, my health majorly plummeted again however, I have so many things to be grateful for, especially since starting my mental health campaigning journey and meeting some blooming incredible and inspiring people who I value so much and have so much respect for! Going to be proper cringe and add a little slideshow of the positive parts of 2016  from start to finish and I am looking forward to growing more as a person through 2017.





1. A Year In Review

New Years is for many a time to think over what has happened in the past year, for some this can be incredibly motivational giving a huge sense of pride over what has been achieved, for others it may bring up negative emotions if the year has included some difficult times - or maybe a mixture of both! So be kind to everyone you meet, you don't know what the year has brought for them, not everyone will be in a 'celebratory' mood and that's okay. The pressure for many to go out party and drink is too much and can make the day unbearable, so be respectful of everyone's wishes, and if you personally don't feel comfortable remember it okay to say no - do what is best for you. 


2. New Year, New Me (NO NO NO) 


So many resolutions I see people setting themselves are based around quitting this, stopping that, losing this. How about we all stop for a second, and instead of creating resolutions based on not repeating past learning curves (I don't like calling it a mistake) set your self 'aspirations' based on positive opportunities, for example travel more, become a volunteer, make more time for loved ones, learn to play a musical instrument, cook a new recipe, get creative and make a work of art (or a complete colour mess if you're like me), learn a foreign language. Please stop the New Year with 'New Year, New Me' , you are already an incredible human being and you don't need to be someone else, instead strive to be a the best version of you and work on yourself for you and no-one else. 


3. Treat Every Day Like New Years Day 


New Years celebrations are all around us, wherever you go, theres no real escaping it. Even if you avoid social media you will find the cashier, hairdresser, waiter asking you if you have any nice plans for NYE. What happened for society to put so much pressure on one single day, imagine if we treated each day the same as we did New Years? Yesterday a conversation with a friend really made me realise that it's actually quite sad that so many wait an entire year to acknowledge their achievements and to celebrate a day, every day should be valued.


4. Don't Compare Your Year 


To be honest I think its the whole hype that I don't agree with, it puts pressure on people to act a certain way because it seems as though that is what the rest of the world is doing. What you see on TV, Facebook, Twitter... whatever media platform you are looking at, it is important to know that what you are seeing (parties galore, proposals, love, family, friendships), is simply what that person wants you to see, it doesn't show every aspect of their life, so please do not compare yourself, your year, your goals to others. This day is simply that, a day and not a mark on your worth. 



Wishing you all a Healthy New Year, whatever it may bring for you and your loved one, strive to make 2017 a better year than 2016, no matter what 2016 brought you. HOWEVER, do not put pressure on yourself to be a new person over night because of this whole idea of starting fresh. You are you and you are wonderful, great things won't happen over night, they take time, maybe days, months, years even - but never give up and never lose hope and keep working on being your best you. 


Sending lots of love and positive vibes and looking forward to a year full of stamping out stigma! 



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